Vrofagus Ruins

By | October 24, 2014

Once you get by the sandy terrain of Tamor Dessert, you’ll find yourself at Vrofagus Ruins, the eighth scenario area. Here you will find more ancient ruins where fire monsters call their home.
summoners war vrofagus ruins

Vrofagus Ruins

Drop Info

  • 2-Set Endure Rune (RES+20%)


  • Inferno (Fire)
  • Werewolf (Fire)
  • High Elemental (Fire)
  • Elemental (Fire)
  • Low Elemental (Fire)


  • This area if filled with not only fire monsters, but wind as well. Therefore, you may want to fight fire with fire and leave your water monsters at home. They won’t do much good against wind.
  • Look to take out any type of Elementals you come across first as they deal a great deal of damage.

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