Telain Forest

By | October 23, 2014

Once you make your decent down Mt. White Ragon, you’ll come to Telain Forest, your fifth scenario area. In this lush forest, you’ll find a variety of monsters who vary in their element types.
summoners war telain forest

Telain Forest

Drop Info

  • 4-Set Swift (SPD+25%)


  • Inugami(Wind)
  • Warbear (Fire)
  • Monster Flower (Fire)
  • Maned Boar (Wind)
  • Horned Frog (Water)


  • There is not one specific typed of element based here. Instead, you’ll deal with a combination of water, wind, and fire monsters. This will make things a bit more difficult especially when you reach the Horned Frogs.
  • Your stage 7 boss is a Chimera. Forget about attacking its underling monsters. Instead, work over the Chimera. Once it is vanquished, the staged is complete and you will no longer need to deal with other monsters.
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