Summoners War Teambuilding Strategy and Tips

By | September 11, 2014

Teambuilding strategy is essential to winning Summoners War. Putting together a solid team is tougher than it may seem. Fans of Pokemon might think they can easily put together a balanced team of elemental monsters, but Summoners War is deceptively complex. You need to consider skills, attributes, and common enemies when building a team. Here are our essential tips for good teambuilding strategy in Summoners War.

Summoners War Teambuilding Strategy

Balance your monsters’ attributes

A balanced team is the cornerstone of a good beginning teambuilding strategy. Though some advanced teams can function with just two or even one attribute, you’ll need to do a lot of carefule planning before you get to that point. It’s best to have three or four attributes on your team to ensure you can deal with most threats. Even if all those monsters don’t stay on your team all the time, keep training at least one monster of every type to stay competitive.

Look for complimentary skills

Strong individual skills are great, but to make a really solid team, look for skills that work together. For example, Garuda (Light)’s Resurge skill works great with any other skill that hits multiple times in a turn, like Slash Waves or Double Attack. Skills that boost stats can also power up attacks that do damage based on those stats, like Thunder Blast.

Take your enemies into account

Your teambuilding strategy must always consider who you’re fighting. If you’re fighting an opponent with multiple Fire attribute monsters, taking along more than one Wind monster is not a good idea. Also look at the type of monsters on the other team. If your opponent is fielding an Attack team, make sure you bring monsters with very high Defense.

Create multiple teams

Unfortunately, no one teambuilding strategy can reign supreme. That’s why it’s important to develop lots of monsters and make different teams with alternate strategies. Your top priority should be a strong Defense team to guard the arena. This will make it easier to accumulate and keep Glory points.

What’s your favorite teambuilding strategy? Is there one monster that always makes the cut? Tell us in the comments!

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