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Secondary Summoners War Buildings: Glory

These Summoners War buildings can only be bought with glory. Glory is a resource that is won by battling in the Arena. You’ll need to have a solid offensive Arena strategy to rack up enough glory points to buy these buildings. The upside is that once you’ve got them, these buildings will make a huge… Read More »

Secondary Summoners War Buildings: Crystals

A few Summoners War buildings need to be purchased with crystals. These buildings are expensive, but you’ll find that they pay for themselves in the long run. You’ll use them so much, you’ll forget what you ever did without them! Here’s all you need to know about Summoners War crystal buildings. Secondary Summoners War Buildings:… Read More »

Secondary Summoners War Buildings: Mana

Some Summoners War buildings require mana stones to build. These are much easier to construct than buildings that require crystals or glory points. All of these buildings require you to reach a certain level before building them. Most of the time, Ellia will pop up to notify you that you can begin construction, but keep… Read More »

Summoners War Power-Up Strategy and Tips

Power-up strategy is an often overlooked part of Summoners War. Powering up monsters can make their skills substantially more powerful. You’ll also be able to level up your team without grinding in the dungeons. Power-up strategy is a little tricky, but once you start buffing your monsters with other monsters, you’ll get the hang of… Read More »

Summoners War Teambuilding Strategy and Tips

Teambuilding strategy is essential to winning Summoners War. Putting together a solid team is tougher than it may seem. Fans of Pokemon might think they can easily put together a balanced team of elemental monsters, but Summoners War is deceptively complex. You need to consider skills, attributes, and common enemies when building a team. Here… Read More »

Summoners War Battle Strategies and Tips

Battle tips and strategies to make you into the best Summoners War player you can be. Fighting is the lifeblood of Summoners War, so it’s important that you understand the fundamental principles of battling. Every fight is different, and no one strategy is perfect. However, these battle tips are formulated to give you an optimal… Read More »