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Faimon Volcano

After Vrofagus Ruins, you’ll find your final scenario area, Faimon Volcano. This very difficult lava landscape is filled first with fire monsters and then dark monsters. Faimon Volcano Drop Info 4-Set Violent Rune (Get Extra Turn+20%) Unknown Scrolls Monsters Inugami (Fire) Hellhound (Fire) Salamander (Fire) Strategy The first two stages feature fire monsters with high… Read More »

Vrofagus Ruins

Once you get by the sandy terrain of Tamor Dessert, you’ll find yourself at Vrofagus Ruins, the eighth scenario area. Here you will find more ancient ruins where fire monsters call their home. Vrofagus Ruins Drop Info 2-Set Endure Rune (RES+20%) Monsters Inferno (Fire) Werewolf (Fire) High Elemental (Fire) Elemental (Fire) Low Elemental (Fire) Strategy… Read More »

Tamor Desert

Get through Hydeni Ruins, and you can find yourself at Tamor Desert, the seventh scenario area of Summoners War. In this sandy terrain, you’ll find the land taken over by mostly wind type monsters. Tamor Desert Drop Info 2-Set Guard Rune (DEF+15%) Unknown Scrolls Monsters Griffon (Wind) Serpant (Wind) Salamander (Wind) Sandman (Wild) Rainbow Angelmon… Read More »

Hydeni Ruins

After your trek through Telain Forest, you’ll find yourself at your sixth scenario area, Hydeni Ruins. Made up of mostly old crumbled ruins, you’ll encounter large clusters of Elementals and Howls. Hydeni Ruins Drop Info 2-Set Focus Rune (Accuracy+20%) Unknown Scrolls Monsters High Elemental(Water) Howl (Water) Elemental (Water) Low Elemental (Water) Strategy Be on the… Read More »

Mt. White Ragon

Past the ancient terrain of Kabir Ruins, you’ll find your fourth scenario area, Mt. White Ragon. At the peak of a mountain, you’ll find yourself a wide array of water based monsters. Mt. White Ragon Drop Info 4-Set Rage Rune (CRI DMG+40%) Unknown Scrolls Monsters Garuda (Wind) Harpu (Water) Yeti (Water) Warbear(Fire) Strategy Leave your… Read More »

Kabir Ruins

After conquering Mt. Siz, you’ll reach Kabir Ruins, the third scenario area. Here you will find ancient ruins littered with different types of wind monsters such as Elementals and Harpies. Kabir Ruins Drop info 2-Set Blade Rune (CRI+12%) Unknown Scrolls Monsters Harpy (Wind) High Elemental (Wind) Elemental (Wind) Low Elemental(Wind) Strategy Being that there are… Read More »

Garen Forest

Garen Forest is the first unlocked scenario area you encounter in Summoners War. This thickly forested area is where you will find a variety of different monsters. This is also the area where players are tested by Ellia in stage 1. Garen Forest Garen Forest is said to be a very peaceful place in Summoners… Read More »