Summoners War Hacks

Summoners War hacks enable you to leap ahead of the competition by cheating! While we at Summoners War Guide do not officially condone hacking any games–especially not our beloved Summoners War–we are providing this page of Summoners War hacks as an educational resource.
summoners war hack window
Used in moderation, these Summoners War hacks can allow you to explore gameplay options that would otherwise require months of play and/or hundreds of dollars. But remember that Summoners War hacks destabilize the game. Using too many Summoners War hacks can result in the game becoming only playable by hackers, which is no fun. Just keep in mind that we’re all here to have fun! Another thing to consider when using Summoners War hacks is that some of them may be insecure and can even infect your device with a virus. Use the following Summoners War hacks at your own risk, and back up your device before trying them out.

Summoners War Hacks

This hack is constantly patched to be compatible with each new Summoners War update. It even has an official Facebook page and everything, making it the most reliably safe Summoners War hack on the Internet. That’s good, because it requires a download, which can be risky, but so far there haven’t been any troubles from this site. All you need to do is download the file and run it while your device is plugged into your computer. You can enter the amount of extra resources you want, then run the game to see all the goodies you’ve gotten.

GameRaidz Summoners War Hack

GameRaidz is a site that has provided hacks for big games like Marvel’s Avengers Alliance for quite a while. Though their products will undoubtedly help you, they require you to take spammy surveys in order to “verify that you are a human.” This is false, of course–if they really just wanted to make sure you weren’t a bot, they’d install a captcha on the hack page. This is a good site to use if you’re afraid of downloading anything, but you might want to use a fake name and email address.

Sun-Hawk’s Summoners War Hack

Sun-Hawk is the name of a hacker who claims to have been hacking games like Clash of Clans for “a long time,” and has been hacking Summoners War since early 2014. He or she has developed a hack that you can download for iOS or Android devices. This is less work than the version, but is also not as secure or versatile, since you can only hack your mana stone, mana crystal, and glory point values.

Do you have another Summoners War hack you prefer to use? Let us know and we’ll add it to this page.

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