Summoners War Buildings Guide

Summoners War buildings are an essential part of your passive strategy, yet many players overlook them. Having a good selection of buildings can give your team the edge they need to win and provide you with tons of extra crystals, energy, and experience. Read up on all Summoners War buildings below and see which ones you need to maximize your strategy.

All Summoners War Buildings

summoners-war-buildings-towerPrimary Buildings

These buildings are the first ones you create in the game. As such, they cost no mana stones, crystals, or glory. They are essential to core aspects of the game, and everything else in Summoners War is built around these three buildings. But even as simple as they are, they’ve got a few features you might not know about.

summoners-war-buildings-power-upSecondary Buildings: Mana

The first buildings you have to pay for cost Mana Stones to construct. When you build them, they’ll instantly appear on your island in a flash of light. Most of them require you to meet a level requirement first, though.

summoners-war-buildings-titanSecondary Buildings: Crystals

Although crystals are mostly useful for reviving monsters and summoning rare pets, you can also use them to purchase a few rare buildings. These special buildings are the most expensive in the game, but they can make evolution and Awakening exponentially easier.

summoners-war-buildings-sanctum-energySecondary Buildings: Glory

Some buildings can only be purchased by spending glory points, earned by battling other players’ Arena Defense teams. These buildings can be difficult to obtain, but their effects are incredible. These buildings’ effects can all by upgraded by spending additional glory points.

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