How to Summon Monsters in Summoners War

By | September 8, 2014

How to summon monsters in Summoners War is a basic principle you’ll need to master. Summoning monsters is the core mechanic of the game. Your team is composed of monsters that you’ve summoned in order to fight wild monsters and other players’ teams. You start with a team of pre-selected monsters the game gives you, but those won’t be enough forever. When you’re ready to become a real summoner, use this guide on how to summon monsters to take your magic to the next level.

How to Summon Monsters

All monsters in Summoners War come from the building called Summonhenge. It’s one of the first buildings you’ll construct on your island.


After constructing Summonhenge, you can begin to bring monsters to your island to fight for you. You can summon monsters in many different ways. Each type of summoning will bring a different kind of monster to your island. Some methods are cheaper than others, but will bring weaker monsters. Others cost more time and crystals, but will bring stronger monsters to your side. Below is a list of how to summon monsters in Summoners War.

Unknown Scroll

The Unknown Scroll is the easiest type of summoning to perform. Unknown Scrolls are common drops in almost all regions, except Secret Dungeons. You can also get Unknown Scrolls from completing Missions or buying them at the Magic and Glory Shops. Unknown Scrolls can summon any monsters of 1-3 stars except for Angelmon, Rainbow Angelmon, Light monsters, and Dark monsters.

Mystical Scroll

Mystical Scrolls operate just like Unknown Scrolls, except they summon monsters of 3-5 stars and are much less commonly seen as a drop item. You can obtain Mystical Scrolls from completing Achievements, as well as by buying them from the Magic and Glory shops.

Mystical Summon

A Mystical Summon can be bought at Summonhenge by spending 75 Crystals. It summons the same kinds of monsters as the Mystical Scroll. But we do not recommend you use your Crystals on Mystical Summons! Save them up instead. For the price of 10 Mystical Summons, you can purchase a Premium Pack, which contains 11 Mystical Scrolls, 100,000 Mana Stones, and 3 Angelmon.

Social Summon

You can obtain Social Points by making friends and sending points to one another. Once you have 100 or more Social Points, you can perform a Social Summon. This acts much like an Unknown Scroll, summoning a random 1-3 star monster to your island.

Summon Monster

By adventuring in secret dungeons, you can gather Summoning Pieces of various monsters. Once you have all the pieces of a specific monster, you can combine them at Summonhenge to summon the monster to your island.

You can also get monsters as a random drop after completing an area. The chances of this happening are very low, but it’s a good way to get an early 3-star monster like an Inugami or Golem. The best way to get a monster drop is to farm a boss level over and over–but be prepared to wait around for a while. The good news is, your team will get tons of experience while you wait!

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