Summoners War Special Events

By | October 6, 2014

This week’s Summoners War Event:

From Oct. 13-20, 2014

  • Log in 3 times per day for 20 free energy each time!
  • Event takes place from 4-7pm, 9-11pm, and 2-5am.
  • All times are in PDT.
  • Check your Inbox to claim energy if you’re already logged in during those times.

Past Summoners War Events:

From Sept 30, 2014 – Oct 12, 2014

  1. Open 100 monster slots for 3* Rainbowmon and Angelmon!
  2. Gather 100 monsters for a mystical scroll!
  3. Use 100 energy and get 100 energy!
  4. Clear 100 dungeons to get 100,000 Mana!
  5. Finish all the missions for 100 crystals!

You can claim all events from the events page within the Summoners War app. Keep logging in and battling to earn all the rewards!

About Summoners War Events

Summoners War frequently holds player events. There is usually a different event every week. These are great opportunities to earn free crystals, free mana and energy and sometimes rare monsters like the 9 tailed fox or Rakshasa.

Click the event icon and read the rules to find out what events are currently open.


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