Secondary Summoners War Buildings: Mana

By | September 23, 2014

Some Summoners War buildings require mana stones to build. These are much easier to construct than buildings that require crystals or glory points. All of these buildings require you to reach a certain level before building them. Most of the time, Ellia will pop up to notify you that you can begin construction, but keep checking the store to see all the new things you can buy at each level. Com2uS sometimes introduces new buildings, so be on the lookout for updates!

Secondary Summoners War Buildings: Mana

summoners-war-buildings-power-up-circlePower-Up Circle

The first building that players are required to buy, rather than receiving it for free. The Power-Up Circle allows you to level up and evolve monsters by combining them with lower-level monsters you don’t want to keep.

summoners-war-buildings-arcane-towerArcane Tower

The Arcane Tower is a fixture of your Arena strategy. When you’re on the defensive, it will charge up and attack your enemies. You can have up to 10 towers.

summoners-war-buildings-shopMagic Shop

A store where you can buy monsters, scrolls, and runes with mana stones and crystals.

summoners-war-buildings-templeTemple of Wishes

By praying to the goddess Ameria, players can spin a virtual wheel and receive a prize once per day. Prizes range from extra energy and arena credits to hundreds of crystals.

summoners-war-buildings-mineCrystal Mine

A mine that will slowly produce crystals. The mine can be upgraded to increase its capacity and production rate.

Fuse Center

Cost: 20,000 Mana Stones
Allows players to fuse Essences together to enable monster Awakening. Fusion requires multiple Essences of the same type and a certain number of Mana Stones.

Ancient Stones

Cost: 20,000 Mana Stones
Min. Level: 14
Produces Mana Stones independently from the Pond of Mana. Has a maximum capacity of 3,000 Stones.

Tranquil Forest

Cost: 50,000 Mana StoneS
Min. Level: 16
A calm and relaxing place to store monsters so they can gain experience outside of combat. This is a great place to send Angelmon so they can level up and become more useful in the Power-Up Circle.

Fusion Hexagram

Cost: 75,000 Mana Stones
Min. Level: 17
Used to fuse monsters together. Fusing a specific set of monsters can create a new monster not obtainable elsewhere in the game.

Deep Forest Ent

Cost: 100,000 Mana Stones
Min. Level: 18
Another separate Mana Stone collection building. This ancient creature will store up to 4,000 Mana Stones at once.

Monster Storage

Cost: 120,000 Mana Stones
Min. Level: 20
Adds up to 5 slots to your maximum monster storage by shuffling monsters off into another dimension.

Island Expansion

Players can pay to expand their island up to three times, creating three new tiers of land for building and storing monsters.

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