Secondary Summoners War Buildings: Glory

By | September 23, 2014

These Summoners War buildings can only be bought with glory. Glory is a resource that is won by battling in the Arena. You’ll need to have a solid offensive Arena strategy to rack up enough glory points to buy these buildings. The upside is that once you’ve got them, these buildings will make a huge difference in your Summoners War battles.

Secondary Summoners War Buildings: Glory

summoners-war-buildings-sanctum-energySanctum of Energy

Increases the maximum amount energy that can be stored before regeneration stops. This can be upgraded to a maximum of +10 by spending additional glory points.

Fairy Tree

Increases the capacity of all of your mana-producing buildings. The Tree can increase each building’s maximum capacity by up to 800 crystals by upgrading it with glory points.

Mana Fountain

Increases the production rate of all your mana-producing buildings. The Fountain can increase each building’s rate by up to 50% by upgrading it with glory points.

Mysterious Plant

Increases the rate of energy regeneration. This is a great building to upgrade quickly, since it can lower the time you wait for more energy by over a minute by upgrading the Plant with glory points. Those minutes add up!

Crystal Rock

Adds a bonus to the Attack Power of all your Arcane Towers. If your Arena Defense needs a boost, try building one of these.


Increases all monsters’ Defense scores. If you have any monsters whose skills are boosted by high Defense scores, this is a great building for you.


There are five different kinds of Sanctuaries, one for each attribute. Building a Sanctuary will increase the Attack Power of all your monsters with that attribute. You don’t need to buy all the Sanctuaries, but definitely invest in one or two for your favorite attributes.

Ancient Sword

This building acts like a Sanctuary for monsters of all attributes. It’s a perfect building for any summoner.

Crystal Altar

Increases the HP score of all your monsters. If you have monsters with skills that are boosted by high HP, you’ll want to buy this one ASAP.

Sky Tribe Totem

Increases the Speed score of all your monsters.

Arcane Booster Tower

Increases the Attack Speed of Arcane Towers. Building one of these alongside a Crystal Rock will give your Arena defense a solid boost.

Fallen Ancient Guardian

Increases the Critical Damage of all monsters. Combine this with lots of Critical Rate buffs from runes, and you’ll be a powerful force in the Arena.

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