Summoners War Rune Guide

Rune Types & Locations

Rune TypeSet EffectPieces Per SetDrop Location
Energy+ 15% HP2Garen Forest
Fatal+ 30% Attack4Mt. Siz
Blade+ 12% Crit. Rate2Kabir Ruins
Rage+ 40% Crit. Damage4Mt. White Ragon
Swift+ 25% Attack Speed4Telain Forest
Focus+ 20% Effect Accuracy2Hydeni Ruins
Guardian+ 15% Defense2Tamor Desert
Endure+ 20% Effect Resistance2Vrofagus Ruins
Violent+ 20% Chance of Extra Turn4Faiman Volcano
Despair+ 20% Stun Rate4Giant's Keep
Vampire+ 35% Bloodsucking4Dragon's Lair

So which set effect should you use? Remember, you should almost always pair 2 piece sets with 4 piece sets. This will give you two different effects. An alternative is to use three 2 piece sets. That way you can get the maximum number of effects you can get with 6 rune slots. Common combinations include:

  • 4 Fatal and 2 Blade for offensive monsters
  • 6 Energy for defensive monsters
  • 2 Energy and 4 Blade for a balanced attack monster
  • 4 Energy and 2 Guard for a defensive monster

summoners war rune set strategy

This monster will get a 30% bonus to its HP with two Energy rune sets.

What runes are you using for your team? Do you prefer a 4-2 setup or a 2-2-2 spread? Let us know in the comments!

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