Summoners War Rune Guide

Rune types and rune set effects can be tough to keep track of, but this guide will give you the inside scoop on them all. Runes are dropped all over the regions of Summoners War and offer different attributes that can help you form stronger monsters and teams. Make sure you are using the right runes for each monster on your squad. They can mean the difference between a great team and a mediocre one–and they determine life and death in the Arena.

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Runes come in a range of 1 star to 6 stars. The higher the number of stars, the better the rune is and the more stats it will give when upgraded. Never upgrade a 1 or 2 star rune. Those are comparatively awful and not worth your mana. Concentrate on any runes rated 3 stars or more. (If you only have 1 and 2 star runes, it’s all right to upgrade a few of them if you need a boost, but try not to waste too much mana.)

Rune Rarity

Runes are also different colors to show their rarity. The more additional stats a rune gives, the higher the rarity. As you upgrade runes, they will naturally increase in rarity every three levels in this order:

  • Common runes have no additional bonuses.
  • Magic runes have one additional stat bonus.
  • Rare runes have two additional stat bonuses.
  • Hero runes have three additional stat bonuses.
  • Legendary runes have four additional stat bonuses.

Remember, stars are more important than rarity for an un-upgraded rune. For example, a common 5 star rune is much better than a legendary 2 star rune. You can increase the 5 star rune’s rarity to legendary, but you can’t increase the 2 star rune’s stars up to 6.

Some runes also come with innate stat bonuses. These drop at random, and their innate bonuses cannot be upgraded or changed in any way.

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