Primary Summoners War Buildings

By | September 23, 2014

Primary Summoners War buildings are the ones you start off the game with. They’re very simple to us, but some of their functions may have escaped you. Here’s everything you need to know about these essential Summoners War buildings.

summoners-war-buildings-towerSummoner’s Tower

“The heart and symbol of the island.” From your tower, you can set up your Arena Defense team, which is key to climbing the leaderboards and getting better weekly rewards. You can also view your Battle Log to get revenge on lucky players who beat your defense. Once you begin Awakening monsters, use the Storage screen to keep track of all the Essences you’ve collected.


“A hexagram where monsters are summoned.” Here’s where you’ll use Mana and scrolls to summon new monsters to your side. There are five different types of summoning you can perform here. Try them all to maximize your chances of getting something incredible! Be sure to summon three monsters per day to collect the achievement “A Summoner’s Duty.”

summoners-war-buildings-pondPond of Mana

“A pond of unknown origins that endlessly gathers surrounding Mana.” This one is exactly what it says on the label. It will collect several hundred (or even thousand) stones per hour. Tapping on the Info button will let you know how quickly Mana is generated and how long you have until the Pond is full. The Recharge button will bring you to the cash store screen. Several secondary buildings can increase your Pond’s capacity and production rate.

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