Summoners War Monsters Guide

Monsters are the main purpose of Summoners War. Assuming the role of a summoner, it is up to you to collect monsters by summoning them from scrolls or loot. With the monsters you collect you can build a team to fight opponents online and in-game. Each battle yields you experience, mana crystals, etc., which you can then use to level up, evolve, and eventually awaken your monsters. Make sure to read our guide on how to summon monsters.

Monster Properties

Monster properties are permanent attributes that are assigned to all monsters that determine how effective that monster is against another in battle. There are five types of properties in total: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. During battle, a monster will be more or less effective against others, depending on what property each opponent has. A monster’s property is easily recognizable by whatever physical color that monster is.

Fire Monsters >>

Fire monsters are the strongest against Wind monsters. However, they are weak against water monsters. Physically, all fire monsters are colored a shade of red.
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Water Monsters >>

Water monsters are the strongest against Fire monsters. They are weakest against Wind monsters. Water monsters are colored a shade of blue.
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Wind Monsters >>

Wind monsters are the strongest against Water monsters. They are the weakest against Fire monsters. Wind monsters are colored a shade of gold.
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Light Monsters >>

light-monstersLight monsters are both the strongest and the weakest against Dark monsters. Light monster attacks do additional damage against Dark monsters, though they are extremely weak in defense against Dark monster attacks. Against Fire, Water, and Wind, Light monster attacks are neither stronger nor weaker. Light monsters are colored shades of both white and gold.
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Dark Monsters >>

dark-monstersLike Light monsters, Dark monsters are both strong and weak against Light monsters. Dark monster attacks are strong against Light monsters, though in turn, Dark monsters are also incredibly weak when defending against Light monster attacks. Against Fire, Water, and Wind, Light monster attacks are neither stronger nor weaker. Dark monsters are colored shades of both black and purple.
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Monster Type


HP monsters are known for their health. They are the tanks of your team – they have large amounts of health, are able to take a lot of damage, and do not die easily. However, HP monsters are average in all other areas.


Attack monsters are the fighters of your team. They are quick and can deal a lot of damage in a short period of time. Unfortunately, Attack monsters don’t have too much health, and long, drawn-out battles can be a struggle.


Defense monsters, like HP monsters, make great tanks. However, rather than having large amounts of health, Defense monsters have high defenses that allow them to take a lot of hits for little damage. Defense monsters will survive through most battles, but don’t expect them to be the heavy hitters of your monster team.


Support monsters are the healers of your party. Their statistics aren’t anything special, and they lack in good attacks and strong defense scores. However, Support monsters are outfitted with strong skills and abilities that will benefit your whole team, such as healing abilities, buffs, and Support monsters have powerful abilities that can heal, buff, and inflict status ailments such as continuous damage abilities.


Evolve monsters are monsters that are used to evolve other monsters. Read more on evolving monsters.

Monster Grades and Stars

A monsters power, along with runes, abilities, level, etc., is dependent on both the grade, or the number of stars, that a monster has. A monster’s grade ranges from one star to six stars, where a six star monster is the most powerful. Monsters’ stars are also colored, depending on the monster’s potential for being awakened with essences. Read more on awakening monsters.


Silver-star monsters cannot be awakened, and are usually best used as material to power up other monsters.


Gold-star monsters are not yet awakened, but still have potential to be awakened. Gold-star monsters are your everyday monsters: they are best used for battle, on a team.


Purple-star monsters are monsters that have already been awakened. Monsters that have been awakened are significantly more powerful than non-awakened monsters, and experience boosts to their major stats and skills depending on the type of each monster. Awakened monsters also often have an extra skill altogether.

Monster Stats/Info

  • Level – The level of the monster indicates how powerful the monster is overall.
  • HP – Health Points, or HP, is the amount of total health that each monster has. A monster’s HP decreases as it is injured in battle, and the monster will die when it reaches zero.
  • ATK – Attack measures the amount of damage that a monster is capable of inflicting in battle.
  • DEF – Defense measures the amount of damage that opposing monsters are able to inflict upon a monster.
  • SPD – Speed measures how quickly a monster can attack again, after already attacking a monster.
  • CRI Rate – Critical hit rate is the percentage that a monster has to inflict a critical hit on an opponent when attacking. A higher CRI Rate means that critical hits will be dealt more often.
  • CRI DMG – Critical hit damage measures how much additional damage a monster’s critical hits will inflict.
  • RES – Resistance reduces the effect chance of negative status effects and debuffs. A high resistance means a monster will be affected by debuffs less often.
  • ACC – Accuracy indicates how often a monsters attack will be on target, and not miss.

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