Magic Shop Guide

By | October 24, 2014

The Summoners War Magic Shop can be a useful resource for feeder monsters, mystic scrolls, runes and other helpful goodies. In total, you can unlock up to 12 slots in the magic shop. These cost either mana or ruby crystals in increasing amounts for each additional slot. The magic shop refreshes every hour, but you can also manually refresh by paying 3 ruby crystals. We highly recommend keeping a reserve of mana in case you get a good item in the magic shop that you want to buy. You only have 1 hr to buy the items, so it would be sad to miss out for not having enough mana!

You’ll also notice that the magic shop offers increasingly better items as you get higher in level. For example, you will start seeing much better runes when you are level 25 than you will get when you are level 10.

magic shop

Our top suggestions for what to look out for in the magic shop are:

  • Mystic Scrolls: You can purchase these from between 115k to 140k mana. It’s a great way to get better monsters!
  • Unknown Scrolls: If you just want a few summons, these can be a good purchase at 2k-4k mana
  • Feeder Monsters: Always keep an eye for monsters that can be used to level your other monsters’ skills. For example, you can purchase lvl 1 fairies of any element to raise the level of your main fairy’s skills.
  • Good runes: As you get higher level, the magic shop may offer just the right rune that you’re looking for. This can be a great way to acquire the better runes you need. Keep in mind this option is pretty expensive so you better be well funded!

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