Kabir Ruins

By | October 23, 2014

After conquering Mt. Siz, you’ll reach Kabir Ruins, the third scenario area. Here you will find ancient ruins littered with different types of wind monsters such as Elementals and Harpies.
Summoners War Kabir Ruins

Kabir Ruins

Drop info

  • 2-Set Blade Rune (CRI+12%)
  • Unknown Scrolls


  • Harpy (Wind)
  • High Elemental (Wind)
  • Elemental (Wind)
  • Low Elemental(Wind)


  • Being that there are a ton of wind monsters here, try not to bring any water type monsters.
  • When in a battle involving an Elemental, aim for them first as they have a high attack but low defense.
  • The stage 7 boss battle sees you face two monsters. Once of these monsters is a Sylphid, a support type monster. This monster will heal himself and his partner by 10% every three turns. Because of this, it is advisable that you take it out first.

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