Summoners War Item and Monster Drop Locations

By | September 9, 2014

Drop locations for all items and monsters in Summoners War. Item drops and monster drops are the simplest way to get new team members and buffs for your favorite monsters. You have probably noticed that when you play a scenario mission, you’ll receive a rune, scroll, or monster at random. These are called “drops.” By farming a specific location–battling its boss over and over–you can increase your chances of getting an item you want or need to advance. Below is a table of all item drops and monster drops in the game, sorted by drop location. You should also read our Item Drop/Monster Drop Farming Strategy.

Summoners War Drop Locations

Garen ForestEnergy Rune (2 Set, HP +15%)Inugami (Water, 3 stars)
Monster Flower (Water, 2 stars)
Maned Boar (Fire, 2 stars)
Unknown Scroll
Fatal Rune (4 Set, ATK +30%)Golem (Fire, 3 stars)
Rainbow Angelmon (Light, 2 stars, max level)
Slime (Fire, 1 star)
Mimick (Wind, 1 star)
Ghost (Water 1 star)
Unknown Scroll
Kabir RuinsBlade Rune (2 Set, Crit. Rate +12%)Harpy (Wind, 3 stars)
High Elemental (Wind, 3 stars)
Elemental (Wind, 2 stars)
Low Elemental (Wind, 1 star)
Unknown Scroll
Mt. White RagonRage Rune (4 Set, Crit. Damage +40%)Garuda (Wind, 2 stars)
Yeti (Water, 2 stars)
Harpu (Water, 2 stars)
Warbear (Water, 3 stars)
Angelmon (1 star)
Unknown Scroll
Telain Forest
Swift Rune (4 Set, +25% ATK Speed)Inugami (Wind, 3 stars)
Warbear (Fire, 2 stars)
Maned Boar (Wind, 2 stars)
Monster Flower (Fire, 2 stars)
Horned Frog (Water, 1 star)
Unknown Scroll
Hydeni RuinsFocus Rune (2 Set, +20% Effect Accuracy)High Elemental (Water, 3 stars)
Howl (Water, 2 stars)
Elemental (Water, 2 stars)
Low Elemental (Water, 1 star)
Unknown Scroll
Tamor DesertGuardian Rune (2 Set, +15% Defense)Griffon (Wind, 3 stars)
Serpent (Wind, 3 stars)
Salamander (Wind, 2 stars)
Sandman (Wind, 1 star)
Unknown Scroll
Vrofagus RuinsEndue Rune (2 Set, +20% Effect Resistance)Inferno 3* (Fire)
Werewolf 3* (Fire)
High Elemental 3* (Fire)
Elemental 2* (Fire)
Low Elemental 1* (Fire)
Unknown Scroll
Faimon VolcanoViolent Rune (4 Set, +20% Chance of Extra Turn)Inugami (Fire, 3 stars)
Hellhound (Fire, 2 stars)
Salamander (Fire, 3 stars)
Unknown Scroll
Giant's KeepAll except VampireUnknown Scroll
Mystical Scroll
Dragon's LairVampire Rune (4 Set, +35% Bloodsucking)Unknown Scroll
Mystical Scroll
Hall of MagicEssences of magic, all elements
Unknown Scroll
Mystical Scroll
Halls of ElementsEssences of same element
Angelmons of same element
Secret Dungeons of same element
Unknown Scroll
Mystical Scroll
Secret DungeonsSummoning Pieces

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