Hydeni Ruins

By | October 23, 2014

After your trek through Telain Forest, you’ll find yourself at your sixth scenario area, Hydeni Ruins. Made up of mostly old crumbled ruins, you’ll encounter large clusters of Elementals and Howls.
summoners war hydeni ruins

Hydeni Ruins

Drop Info

  • 2-Set Focus Rune (Accuracy+20%)
  • Unknown Scrolls


  • High Elemental(Water)
  • Howl (Water)
  • Elemental (Water)
  • Low Elemental (Water)


  • Be on the the look out for support type monsters such as Howls.
  • Arm yourself with a monster who can deal with unrecoverable effects.Focus attacks on Howls so they do not have a chance to heal themselves or others.

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