Summoners War Guilds Guide

By | October 23, 2014

Summoners War: Sky Arena has taken mobile devices by storm, and at launch the game had loads of content to keep players happy and occupied for a while. Of course, as with all RPG games, updates and additional content are both expected and necessary. One such addition to Summoners War is the arrival of guilds. Guilds in Summoners War are still in the early stages of implementation, and though they are limited to chat for now, there are a few expansions that players should expect to roll out in due time. To name a few, collaboration on quests and the ability to battle and level up together seem to be the most anticipated aspects to the guild system. This page is our guide to everything you as a player should know about the guild system, so check back periodically for updates as new changes and additions to guilds roll out.

What is the purpose of guilds?

Available to all players upon reaching level 10, guilds are small communities of up to 30 players that enable some major and welcomed additions to the community aspect of Summoners War. For now, guilds provide the opportunity for a private chat group with the other members in your guild. Players can trade information about monsters, ask for help or offer guidance to those within a player’s guild, and of course, discuss all things Summoners War: Sky Arena.

Guild chat has been incorporated into the original chat system, and is fairly straightforward to view. From within Summoners War, simply tap on the small chat icon at the top of the screen to bring up the chat window. You will notice that the chat window now has tabs, one titled Normal and one titled Guild. If you are in a guild, the Guilds chat tab will display your guild’s discussions in realtime. If you have not yet joined a guild, you will not be able to view Guild chat until you do so, and will instead see the window below.

you haven't joined any guilds yet

How do I join a guild?

Players can join a guild either by creating their own guild or by joining an already existing guild. These options are available on the Community menu under the new “Guild” tab. The Guild tab has two pages, Guild Search and New Guild. From the Guild Search page, players can search for existing guilds, read information about each guild, and send requests to join. Guild Info provides important information about the guild being viewed, such as a list of members and a guild statement. The New Guild page allows players Level 10 or higher to create their own guild. Players can name their guild and write their own Guild introduction, a short statement about the purposes of their guild. Creating a guild costs 300,000 Mana Stones, which will be quite costly to lower level players.

create a new guild

If you would like to join a guild, but don’t have the Mana Stones to create one or the connections to join one, Summoners War forums around the web have started threads where players looking for new recruits can advertise their guild, and players who have yet to join a guild can advertise their own information and strengths to be recruited.

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