Garen Forest

By | October 23, 2014

Garen Forest is the first unlocked scenario area you encounter in Summoners War. This thickly forested area is where you will find a variety of different monsters. This is also the area where players are tested by Ellia in stage 1.
Summoners War Garen Forest

Garen Forest

Garen Forest is said to be a very peaceful place in Summoners War. Players are sent to investigate it when Durand mentions that there has been an outbreak of monsters there.

Drop Info

  • 2-Set Energy Rune (HP+15%)
  • Unknown Scrolls


  • Inugami(Water)
  • Rainbow Angelmon
  • Monster Flower(Water)
  • Maned Boar(Fire)
  • Mushroom(Wind)
  • Forest Keeper(Wind)


  • As the first scenario area, Garen Forest is pretty simple and easy. Just follow the tutorial to complete normal.
  • The stage 7 boss battle features an Inugami (water). However, its stats and skills have been slightly altered. Atack it as much as possible while you monitor your allies with little health.
  • Since the Inugami is water based, you should look to use a wind monster.

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