Faimon Volcano

By | October 24, 2014

After Vrofagus Ruins, you’ll find your final scenario area, Faimon Volcano. This very difficult lava landscape is filled first with fire monsters and then dark monsters.
summoners war faimon volcano

Faimon Volcano

Drop Info

  • 4-Set Violent Rune (Get Extra Turn+20%)
  • Unknown Scrolls


  • Inugami (Fire)
  • Hellhound (Fire)
  • Salamander (Fire)


  • The first two stages feature fire monsters with high speed and attack. Look to use a water monster who utilizes a healing ability.
  • You’ll encounter dark monsters at stage 3. They will pack a mighty punch and can use unrecoverable effect on your entire party. Use monsters such as a Fairy so that you can remove their weakening effects.

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