Summoners War Evolving Monsters

By | September 8, 2014

Evolving monsters in Summoners War is a great way to make your team much more powerful. By evolving monsters, you will be able to train them again to be even stronger than they were before. But evolving monsters isn’t an easy task! It requires a lot of time and patience if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. If you want to learn the secret to evolving monsters, read on.

Evolving Monsters in Summoners War

In order to evolve a monster, we need to have one that has reached its maximum level. Each monster has a different level cap. Beyond that cap, it won’t be able to gain any more experience. But unless that monster is Awakened at 6 stars, it can probably get stronger! Here, we’ll be evolving our faithful Hellhound. He’s reached his level cap of 20, and it’s time to make the jump to 3 stars.

Go to the Power-up Circle and select the monster you want to evolve. Then, select the monsters you want to use as material. Unlike normal power-ups, you can’t just use any monsters you want. You’ll have to use the right number of monsters with the same number of stars each. For example, to evolve our Hellhound from 2 stars to 3, we need to sacrifice 2 monsters that each have 2 stars of their own.

Tap the button that says “Evolve.” The cinematic will begin and your monster will evolve! After it’s done, you’ll notice that its stats have been downgraded. Don’t worry, that’s not a fluke. Our level 20 2-star Hellhound is now a level 1 3-star Hellhound. It’ll climb the ranks again up to level 25, becoming more powerful than it could have dreamed of as a 2-star monster. Once it hits level 25, we’ll evolve it again to reach 4 stars.

You can evolve any kind of monster, even silver-star monsters. Whether that’s worth the mana stones is another story, but if you’re in desperate need of a slightly more powerful monster, that might just do the trick. Got a question about evolving monsters we didn’t cover in this guide? Leave us a comment and we’ll clear it right up!

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