Best 2 and 3 Star Monsters

By | October 6, 2014

Natural 4 star and 5 star monsters are great but very, very hard to find. So how do you know which 2 or 3 star monsters are worth training and evolving? In Summoners War, if you choose wisely, you can find 2 and 3 star monsters that are just as strong as natural 4 or 5 stars. These monsters below are recommended and used by top Summoners War players. Best of all, they are easy to find and train and useful for both PVE and PVP.

Fire Inugami / Raoq


Fire Inugami has long been a top pick for Summoners War players. Raoq is the awakened form of Fire Inugami. His passive allows him to gain an extra turn whenever he kills an enemy unit. This makes him great for fighting mobs in the dungeon and as an attacker in the arena. He should be paired with Fatal and Blade runes. However, some people may also choose to experiment with Violent runes (extra 20% chance of extra turn).

Wind Bear/Ramagos


Ramagos is an amazing tanker and attacker. His ability Clean Shot allows him to store damage he has taken and return it to his foe. Ramagos is highly useful against Cairos Dungeon and in the Arena. He starts off as a 2 star monster as a wind warbear, but is more than worthy of being awakened and evolved into a 5 star. Most players equip Ramagos with health and defense runes.

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