Beginners Guide

Are you new to Summoners War? Start here to find out everything you need to know as a new Summoners War player. We’ll catch you up to speed in no time. Learn how to summon monsters, the difference between evolving and awakening, how to use mana stones and crystals, and everything you need to know about guilds.

Summoning Monsters

You can summon monsters using regular scrolls, mystical scrolls, social points or ruby crystals. Monsters can be summoned between 1 star or 5 stars. The higher the stars, the rarer and better the monster is. Learn more about each summoning method.

Awakening Monsters

In Summoners War, monsters can be awakened and evolved. These processes are separate and you can do one first or the other. Monsters with purple stars mean they have been awakened. Each monster can only be awakened ONCE. To awaken a monster, you must collect enough essences from the Cairos Dungeon. After awakening, the monster will have have a new name, new look and better stats. Awakening a monster will not affect its level. Learn more about awakening.

Evolving Monsters

In addition to awakening, monsters can be evolved. Evolving the monster makes it stronger and gives it one more star. For example, you can evolve a 2 star monster to become a 3 star monster. Or evolve a 3 star monster into a 4 star monster. You can do this until you reach the max stars possible! Evolving the monster resets their level to level 1 and increases the max level that they can reach. Learn more about evolving.


create a new guild
Guilds are a new feature that is expected to play a large role in further developing how players can interact with one another. Choose to create your own guild or join an existing one. Chat with other guild members about monsters, offer and receive help and information, and discuss all things Summoners War: Sky Arena. Learn more about guilds.

Level 1-10

It should not take very long to get to level 10. You should spend this time leveling up your starting monsters and following the quests. Make sure to beat Garens Forest and Mt. Siz. Completing the quests and stages should easily give you experience to the next level. Add friends so you can start acquiring social points.

Level 10-20

Between level 10-20, you should begin experiencing the Arena and Cairos Dungeon. You should also be familiar with the process of powering up monsters and using runes. Begin focusing on your stronger monsters and powering up runes to form a formidable team. It shouldn’t be long for you to beat the rest of the battle map, if you haven’t already done so!

level 20-30

Congrats, you’re no longer a beginner! You should now understand the fundamentals of monsters, including elements, star rating and skill attributes. You should have beaten the last map, Faimon Volcano, and earned a light-dark scroll. Hopefully you got something good! Finally, between the levels of 20-30, you should now be a veteran in the arena and trained a strong defense team.

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