Summoners War Battle Strategies and Tips

By | September 9, 2014

Battle tips and strategies to make you into the best Summoners War player you can be. Fighting is the lifeblood of Summoners War, so it’s important that you understand the fundamental principles of battling. Every fight is different, and no one strategy is perfect. However, these battle tips are formulated to give you an optimal chance of success in most, if not all, situations. If there’s a fight you just can’t seem to win, read our battle tips and strategies guide below to get a new angle on the competition.

Summoners War Battle Tips and Strategies

Remember your elemental types

It may seem too simple for words, but this is one battle strategy that bears mentioning every time. Even veteran players can get lazy or overconfident and slip up. If you attack a monster who resists your attack, you will do almost no damage. This is a wasted turn. Unless your attack will kill an enemy monster or there are no other decent targets, avoid attacking monsters that are strong against the element you’re attacking with.

Switch up your team

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You may be cultivating a diverse team, but if you’re facing a lot of enemies of a particular element, you might want to make some changes to your roster. Always examine the pre-battle rundown of enemies before entering. You can tell how strong the enemies will be and what attributes they’ll have. Adjust your team to counter them.

Strategize your secondary skills

You don’t always want to use your strongest attacks as soon as they recharge. If you have other monsters that can buff those abilities, save your heavy attacks for next turn. For example, Garuda has the Recharge ability, which refills any monster’s attack bar and boosts the ATK stat. Combined with the Hellhound’s Double Attack skill, this can be devastating, since both attacks will get a boost. There are many combos like this in Summoners War. You can develop your own unique battle strategies based on your team’s powers.

Gang up on one enemy

Often, the most effective battle strategy is to gang up on one enemy. This will quickly eliminate them from the fight so your team won’t suffer from attacks as much. Here’s a great battle tip for boss fights: once the boss is defeated, the level will end immediately, even if there are smaller enemies left. If you aren’t in much danger from those monsters, concentrate on the boss to breeze through the level.

Always bring your healer

Whether you stick with your Water Fairy or find another monster with healing powers, it’s essential that you bring one along with you to closely matches fights. The Purify skill in particular is one of the most underrated in the game–not only can it heal, it will also remove all adverse affects from a single monster, which can change the course of a battle early in the game.

What are your favorite battle strategies? Got a battle tip to share with other Summoners War players? Leave it in the comments! If you’re looking for arena-specific strategies, check out our Summoners War Arena guide.

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