Summoners War Battle Map

The Battle Map in Summoners War is where all of the action takes place. Here you will find your scenario areas, arenas, dungeons, and the Trial of Ascension.
summoners war battle map

Scenario Areas

In the story of Summoners War, there are nine different areas. Each of these areas consist of 7 stages which vary in difficulty. In order to advance to the next area, a player must complete all of the area’s stages including the final boss level. When your clear a stage, you will earn rewards such as runes and monsters. For example, defeating more difficult stages will earn you higher rewards.


In player versus player mode, the battle takes place in the Arena. Here, players can use up to four of their monsters to battle each other in one-on-one action. Winning a battle will earn players experience, mana stones, crystals, victory points and glory points.

The glory points act as a form of currency in Summoners Wars in that you can use them to buy items in the Glory Shop. The Victory Points will determine your place in the game’s weekly rankings. Rewards can also be earned from your ranking.

If you’re sick of battling actual humans, you can turn your attention to the game’s computer rivals. Here, you can battle head-to-head and win even more rewards.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon, also known as Cairos Dungeon, is where you can earn special rewards. This area is separated into the Hall of Elements, Hall of Magic, Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, Secret Dungeon, and more. Some of these areas like Angel Garden, Rainbow Garden, and Devilmon Cave are only available once during a month.

Trial of Ascension

This special dungeon consists of up to 100 different stages. Here, players battle various monsters to progress themselves in the game. As each monster is defeated, players will battle more and more difficult adversaries. At every tenth stage, a player will battle against a boss level monster.

In these battles a player can earn experience, mana stones, energy and crystals.

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