Summoners War Awakening Monsters

By | September 9, 2014

Awakening monsters in Summoners War is the ultimate way to make your monsters as powerful as they can be. When awakening a monster, you change its name and form, unlocking the monster’s true potential. A huge bonus to stats–and looks!–can be yours when you start awakening monsters. If you’re ready to begin, or just curious about the process of awakening monsters in Summoners War, read on.

Awakening Monsters in Summoners War

When you awaken a monster, you are magically transforming it into a more powerful version of itself. In effect, you’re tapping into the spiritual essence of that monster and bringing it out into the open. It’s sort of like an enlightenment experience for the monster, who will thank you by brutally stomping your enemies into the mud. Only monsters with gold stars can be awakened.

To awaken a monster, you’ll need a certain number of Essences (see above). These are materials that make up the core of an awakened monster. You can only get Essences by adventuring in the Halls of Elements and Magic. A different elemental Hall is open each day, so these are quite difficult to accumulate. Farm the Halls until you get enough Low, Mid, and High grade Essences to awaken a monster, then go back to your island.

You don’t need to visit the Power-Up Circle for awakening monsters. Just go to the Monsters screen and select the monster you want to awaken. Next to the Essences, there’s a button marked “Awaken.” Tap it to begin the transformation.
After transforming, you’ll notice lots of changes in your monster! For one thing, it’ll have a spiffy new look. Its icon will change too, and its stars will change from gold to purple. Now check your monster’s info and skill pages. There are many different stat changes that can take place. Most of the time, your monster’s stats will all increase, but some of them may decrease as well (to make up for a massive increase in one particular stat). On the skill page, you’ll see that your newly-awakened monster has a new skill they can use in combat. The Hellhound, for example, gains the Begin Hunt skill, allowing it to give everyone on the team a buff to their attack and critical rate.

Unlike evolving, awakening a monster is a way to power it up without resetting its experience. We recommend awakening monsters as early as possible to take advantage of those sweet buffs. Which monster will you awaken first? Tell us your awakening stories in the comments!

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