Summoners War Arena Strategy

Challenge people from weakest to strongest

If you beat several people in a row in the arena, you get HP and attack buffs. These go from 5% additional bonus to over 20%! This means a great metagame arena strategy is to challenge people from weakest to strongest. That way, if you keep winning, you’ll have higher buffs to help you take on stronger challengers in the arena.

Form your attacking team based on the defense team you are challenging

Use the elements to your advantage. Remember that Water > Fire > Wind > Water. Light and Dark are weak to one another but neutral to other elements. So if you see the enemy defense team has all fire monsters, good arena strategy says to challenge them using a water team. Check your monsters’ leader skills to see if you can provide an attribute buff before going into battle.

Only challenge players that you think you can beat

When you lose an arena match, you will lose points. Don’t challenge players you can’t beat since you will be punished for losing. Pick your battles wisely and you can easily rise from 1000 to 1100 and 1200 points! (This is also a good strategy if you’re just trying to accumulate glory points.)

Monday is Arena Rewards day

Remember that the Arena points reset on Monday. That means if you’re going to go for a higher tier and better award, make sure you are ready for the final ranking on Monday. Pull out all the stops on Sunday and make sure your arena strategy is on point.

Got a favorite defense team or general arena strategy? Leave us a comment and tell us about it!

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