Summoners War Arena Strategy

The Summoners War Arena is the player versus player (PVP) section of the game. Defeating players helps you gain glory points, which can be used in the glory shop. Glory points also increase your overall ranking, which determines what weekly rewards you can get. Participating in the arena every week is a good way to get more mana crystals. You can also purchase rare items from the Glory Shop like mystical scrolls and devilmons. It’s also just a great place to level up your team without spending energy! If you want to improve your Summoners War arena strategy, read on.

Summoners War Arena Strategy

Use a strong defensive team

Always put your strongest monsters into the defense team, since these protect you from losing glory points to challenging players. For beginners, a good strategy is to use a team with high resistance and HP that can tank and heal. Some good starting monsters for Arena Defense for are Rina/Water Epikion Priest, Awakened Water Fairy, Water Howl, and Warbears. Avoid using monsters of all the same element for a defense team. Enemy teams can easily challenge them with the opposing element. (Some leader skills can help you avoid this with attribute buffs! See our leader skills guide for more.)

Upgrade to as many Arcane Towers as you can afford

Arcane Towers are one of the best ways to boost your arena strategy. Since only the defending team can use Arcane Towers, the more you upgrade, the more damage you can do to the challenging team. Remember, each time someone loses when they challenge your defense, you also win glory points! This is one of the fastest ways to increase your points ranking without using any arena invitations. Each arcane tower deals 300 damage, and you can build another tower every 3 levels. Arcane Towers are by far the best passive arena strategy in the game. Learn more about Arcane Towers and other buildings in our Buildings Guide.

Equip good runes and level them up for your monsters

Runes are a great way to become an arena strategy champion. Many people do not start upgrading their runes until much later in the game. This is a mistake since upgraded runes make monsters much stronger. It doesn’t take too much mana to upgrade a rune to level 6 or 7. Only upgrade runes that are 3 stars and above. Find out more about runes in our Runes Guide.

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