Summoners War: Sky Arena Guide

Welcome to the unofficial guide to Summoners War: Sky Arena! This epic mobile roleplaying game is free to play for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android gamers alike. Summon monsters, battle wicked creatures, solve mysteries, and battle other players in huge online arena battles! If that sounds like your cup of potion, download Summoners War now and get in on the action.

summoners war

Summoners War Guide


summoners war monsters Get the lowdown on every monster in the game, from Horned Toads to Dragon Knights. Find information on statistics, leader skills, awakened monsters, and much more. Not sure which monster to train next? This is the section for you.


summoners war runes These powerful artifacts can provide incredible boosts to your monsters. Do you know the difference between Vampire, Fatal, and Blade runes? If not, bone up with this table of effects.


summoners war strategy From building your team to fielding them in battle, a well-considered strategy is essential for your success in Summoners War. Figure out what path you’ll take to the top here.

Daily Missions:

daily missions Every day, you can complete lots of different missions that will yield valuable resources. Make sure you know what to do when you log in to Summoners War each day.


summoners war achievements icon Unlike Daily Missions, Achievements are special tasks that you can complete only once. You’ll get incredible rewards, though, so make sure you check out our complete guide to them all.

About Summoners War: Sky Arena

Summoners War is made by Com2uS, a Korean app developer. They’ve previously made games like Kung Fu Pets and Divine Girls, but this is by far their biggest–and most popular–game yet. In Summoners War, you take on the role of a powerful wizard living on a floating island. You must fight for control of Mana Crystals, powerful items that can summon monsters under your control. There’s a war going on as wizards everywhere struggle for dominance. Will you come out on top? (Sure, with this guide at your command!)

This game may look like just another freemium scam from its description, but it’s actually a deep, rich 3D battling game like nothing else on the App Store. Even at low levels, you’ll be able to play for hours with your team of monsters, training them into a powerful fighting force by battling other teams and fusing them with other monsters. For even more fun, you can join an online guild to make new friends and take your game to the next level (literally)! And of course, you’ll be able to create your island just the way you want it, complete with magical defense towers, mystical pools, and much more. Our goal at Summoners War Guide is to provide you with the finest set of resources for becoming a Summoners War champ on the Internet. Click the links above to start learning about the ins and outs of our favorite online mobile game. Happy battling!

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